It is believed in many Eastern cultures and spiritual communities that the state of your home is a direct reflection of your inner being.  If it’s clean, orderly and well managed, quite often the same can be true about your thoughts, beliefs and focus.  This is a primary reason why in these Eastern homes you will find a family shrine and altar, to give praise to their higher power and honor the ancestors whose spirit lives in them today.  Also, from a Feng Shui perspective, the altar serves as a constant visual reminder of the necessity that spirituality and divine connection play in the quality of our life.

For most of our Western friends, having a giant shrine bedazzled with jasmine, Buddhas and gold may be an extreme visual when imagined next to our Crate and Barrel couch and ZGallerie mirrored furniture.  To create a sacred space though, there is no right or wrong! You simply designate an area that will serve as a reminder to YOU to go within, whether that be the corner of a desk, the top of a console, the empty corner in the hall or your spare bedroom.

Below are some tips to get started!

  • HAVE FUN WITH IT! God, Spirit, Buddha and all the forces of Light should be deeply revered and respected for the awesome Good they bring into your life…and with all that comes feeling excited, alive and happy.  Release the need for accuracy and replace it with the desire for alignment with what it is that inspires YOU!

Let’s declare: “I have an amazing time joyously creating my sacred space! What’s right is what feels best to me!”

  • CHOOSE A FABULOUS LOCATION! Connect with where you want it to be before you settle for where you logistically feel it has to be.  Just because the only empty space you currently have is in your laundry room closet doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily where you must put your shrine.  Go inside, and ask yourself “When I envision my beautiful sacred space, where is it?” If you luck out and Spirit says “In your laundry room closet” well then, great! That was easy! But if intuitively you know it’s in your guest bedroom but the room is already packed with too much furniture and unused items, perhaps it’s time to spring clean and repurpose the room for what will be most beneficial to you.

In short, if it’s important to you, you can make it happen.  Always.

  • SET THE INTENTION. How will you use this space? What do you want to feel as you pass it?  Will it be a formal meditation room or a simple spiritual reminder to reconnect as you go about your daily chores?  Knowing how the sacred space will serve you will help you infinitely when designing.

Let’s declare: “I know what I want; decisiveness is easy for me.”

  • DON’T IT LOOK GOOOOOD???? This is your shrine! Your altar! Your divine area! Make it a reflection of all the uniqueness that YOU embody and share with the world! No need to replicate a Thai monastery when you’re more of a modern, glitzy gal! Break out the high gloss silver Buddha, slap some rhinestones on him and back him with a mirror to really make it sparkle! (PLEASE NOTE I have done this exact same thing to one of my buddhas and I assure you it is one of my prized…and most commented on…possessions!)

Let’s declare: “I allow my most authentic self to shine! I am uniquely me and that’s how I want it!”

  • WHO INSPIRES YOU? The Buddha is great, and so is Jesus, Ganesh, Oprah, your grandmother, the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Louise Hay and anyone else who ignites you to be the most beautiful contributor to consciousness that you can be.  And if players from your favorite hockey team remind you of glory then put them on there too!

Until next time, I see you completely in control of creating the most glorious space for you to recharge, be inspired by and connect with the collective Good of universal energy that we all share.  You are calm, at peace, and above all else, filled with love as you set forth to create your altar.  You are deserving of tranquility.  You are deserving of peace.  And you actively create a sacred space to serve yourself, others and all the powers of Light…today, tomorrow and always.  And so it is!

Positively and energetically yours,

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC