I love it when a painting teaches me to go with the flow and follow my instincts.

These two bears were definitely unplanned. I don’t usually sketch two characters in my paintings, but sometimes it seems my characters just want to be in pairs.

For this piece, I pulled out all of my favorite new art supplies- water soluble oil pastels, children’s book pages, white gesso and acrylic inks. Then I really went crazy with my vintage postcard collection and pasted tons of ephemera in the background. On top, I added a few doodles from my sketchbook too.

My paintings always have a lot of layers, and I feel like everything I put into each layer helps to build my character and its story.

I’d wanted to paint a bear, but when the crown just sort of came out of no where, I realized there needed to be a second bear to help balance out the first. All of the whimsical butterflies and birds I’d added from the postcards in my initial layers then inspired the spirit for the little bear.

And from there the painting’s story fell into place…

Together these two bears stand with great concern and honor, knowing that wherever they are needed they will forever be WITH ONE HEART, CONNECTED.

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