this little white owl is all about having the faith to take chances, to honor your truest desires, and to give thanks both for yourself and all experiences, knowing that WITH GRATITUDE, HOPE GROWS.

this painting got its title from the beautiful mistakes that happened during the creative process.

i love working with bleeding art tissue and i know better than to use it on the top part of my painting, where i know i will add my character’s face. yet sometimes, once i brush on my vintage top coat, the bleeding art tissue paper blends in really unexpected, undelightful ways…like spreading onto my owls’ face and undefiniing it’s body.

the good thing is, i’m always prepared for beautiful mistakes. even when they don’t seem so beautiful at first.

once my top coat dried, and i noticed the colors from my bleeding art tissue had spread a bit too much onto my owl, i added a few layers of white to redefine my owl. this took a lot of patience and i added the white very slowly to be sure i didn’t overwork my piece and further ruin it.

but little by little, a new owl came into view. the wing puffed up a bit more and she got those lovely dots above her eyes and around her head. and now i couldn’t imagine this fancy white owl any other way.

sometimes it just takes a bit of extra space and patience to allow for new things that could never have been better planned.

xoxo, juliette

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