hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you. ~rumi


when i think about it…life is a series of re-dos and fresh starts. i say we need to run with each one, leaving the rest in the dust.

when i think about it… it doesn’t matter where you are, happiness comes only when we allow it in.

when i think about it… we define our journey. each one of us. no one else.

when i think about it… some days it is a must to do one little thing to carry you through the whole day. some days stripey sox are the only thing that works for me.

when i think about it… if i start focusing on what i am not, i remind myself of all that i am. (a tough one some days, but do it anyway.)

when i think about it… when there is no one here to listen, i talk it out. seriously talk out loud to myself, so that i can work it all out. (i am crazy like that.)

when i think about it..i am surrounded by amazing . colorful . creative . friends. yep, i am one lucky girl

when i think about it.. i hope that you are thinking about it too.