when i think about it…deep, creamy, rich layers of the lotus brings on my om.

when i think about it… many days we second guess our pursuits, our dreams, our decisions. cut that out, child. yes point a to point b is filled with curves, but that is just getting us ready for all the sweetness that awaits us.

when i think about it… we each carry gifts and when we share them freely, goodness happens. like those gigantic fireworks lighting up a 4th of july sky. oooh. ahhhhh. oh!

when i think about it… the little espresso pot i bought a few weeks ago has become part of my weekly self-care package. the slow methodical process allows a start to my day with a rhythm that opens my thoughts, and puts them on the shelf in a tidy, little line.

when i think about it… staying in your jammies all day can sometimes make your whole day, that much better.

when i think about it… this girl is breathing deep. with a little grin on her face.

when i think about it.. i hope that you are thinking about it too.