Who knew one could be spiritually moved in a bus terminal?  

During a recent visit to my local Starbucks in Port Authority New York, I was standing in line for my Grande Bold as I do every Monday through Friday at about 8:40 a.m.  After placing my order and making small talk with the barista, I noticed a man very calmly walk up to the cashier next to me, take their tip jar from the counter and walk out the door.  He was so cool, so committed and (to be perfectly honest) so non-chalant about it that it took a few moments for any of us to realize what had happened! Of course, when it did, pandemonium broke out! Screaming, yelling, name calling, baristas running after him through Port Authority.  You get the idea.  

Afterwards, the barista I was with was understandably so frazzled by this assault; this wasn’t about losing the $2 in coin tips, it was the robbery of his boundaries of safety! Thinking I could help the team, I decided to fill the other remaining tip bowl with money, easily 10 times what was unfortunately taken from them.  I said “Hopefully this will help you guys bring in more than what was taken from you.  So sorry you had to experience that!”  The barista looked at the bill I put in the tip jar and instead of acknowledging it and his new circumstance, he chose to continue to lament about what was lost.  He literally could not receive and see how much more money was in there now instead of before. 

The point of this story is not to reinforce misconceptions about the dangers of the big city, or that the staff at Starbucks is ungrateful; in fact, I find myself to feel quite secure in New York and the team at that particular location is especially awesome! The point is about perspective and what it is we focus on.  Sometimes when we’re in the throws of rehashing the past and choose to stay connected to its events, we miss all of the good that IS happening right now…usually birthed from these past events we thought were so horrible.  As Louise Hay affirms: “Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this moment, only good will come.”

As you stand right now, I ask you:  What are you focused on?  Are you connected to the beauty, blessings and abundance that ARE in your life….or do you choose lack, anger and victimhood? 

For today, let’s affirm:

  • I see clearly the good in my life.  There is so much to be thankful for!
  • I am surrounded by the right people who want to help me and love me.
  • I am safe to release the past and live fully in what is right now. 
  • I give as I receive; my bounty to share is GREAT!

 And so it is!

 Positively and energetically yours,                      

 Thomas Dunleavy, CPC