Want more love in your life? YES PLEASE!!! Try one, two or all ten of these!  They should do the trick just fine!   

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

1)     LOVE YOURSELF! It all starts with you because…well…it’s your life isn’t it?  As RuPaul so eloquently says “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell is anyone else going to love you?  Can I get an amen?”  AMEN!!!

2)     RECEIVE! Allow yourself to receive the love that comes your way! So many feel the need to deflect love with false modesty or to fuel their low self-worth.  When paid a compliment, truly internalize it, smile and say “Thank you.” Then, in time, work up to “Thank you; It’s true!!!”

3)     GO GET IT! If you want a gallon of milk, you’ll have to go to the store to get it, won’t you? It’s the same thing with love.  Take a chance, go out there and put yourself in situations that will create what it is you want. Affirm “I am safe and supported in all things that are born from my heart. I’m OK and I go after what it is I want!”

4)     EXPRESS LOVE! Consciously use your words for beauty, as ornately or simply as you wish.  The humble “Thank You” and “I Love You” can be deeply impactful when sincerely expressed from the heart. 

5)     MEDITATE! When your mind is still, the clutter of useless thoughts will float away, allowing your heart center to open with ease.   Breath, release and be.

6)     ASK FOR LOVE! Law of Attraction 101: Ask and it is given! Don’t ask and the answer will always be no! Own the fact that you are worthy of love and your needs are beautiful.  The right person will appear to fulfill them when it will serve your highest good!

7)     BE KIND! Praise others attributes, be free with your heartfelt compliments and practice random acts of thoughtfulness.  Afterwards, ask yourself “What did I just gain by my kindness?” You’ll like the answer!

8)     APPRECIATE! Gratitude is Love’s best friend and wingman.  Focus on the love you DO have and watch more of it roll into your life in big ways!

9)     VISUALIZE! What type of love do you want to have? How will you know it when it comes to you? Who will you share it with? What do you look like when you have the love you seek?

10)  AFFIRM! “I love to love! I love to have love, I love to give love, I love to be love, I love to focus on love, I love to create love, I love to support love, I love to love.  I LOVE!”  And so it is!

Positively and energetically yours,                      

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC