When I was a college student trying to make a buck selling knives one summer, I had the great honor of meeting an elderly woman who welcomed me into her modest apartment so I could give her my sales pitch.  I don’t remember her name or even if she bought anything from me, but I do remember what she said as she served me Diet Coke in a beautifully ornate crystal goblet, complete with a shiny gold stem and detailed etchings.   

I commented to her that it was unnecessary to use such an incredible glass on me; a plastic cup would be just fine!  She continued to pour the soda with such dignity, elegance and style.  She smiled genuinely, looked at me warmly and said with a mischievous glint: “Darling, what’s the good of having nice things if you don’t use and enjoy them?”  

That struck me at the time…and still is a great reminder to this day.  I not only thought it to be incredibly glamorous of her to serve soda in such fine and expensive stemware, but I also found it to be a bit odd and eccentric as well!  After all, soda is cheap; it’s not fine wine or pricey European liqueur! Yet she ceremoniously pulled out all the stops for me.  I saw myself as just a kid hocking knives.  She saw me as a distinguished guest WORTH honoring. How generous of her to recognize my greatness even before I could!

Her lesson (however unintentional) has stayed with me to this day: “Each day living is a holiday and is worth celebrating, so enjoy the good stuff now while you can!  It won’t serve you any purpose when you’re dead.”  What’s the point in hoarding what you treasure or waiting for the “right time” to enjoy something?  Tomorrow is not guaranteed; now is all you have!

I was inspired by her when I graduated college and moved into my first apartment.  I chose Mikasa china as my everyday tableware (bought on clearance from a discount department store, as was all I could afford at the time!)  Others thought it was crazy that a 23 year guy would eat Raman noodles out of a bowl that should only see the light of day at Christmas, but I was so influenced by this woman that I bought the china anyway.  I saw it as a small reminder to myself to not only enjoy all of the incredible luxuries that we’re afforded in this life, but to hold true to the fact that :

  • I am worth celebrating!
  • I am worth treating!
  • I am allowed to enjoy external pleasures! 

I don’t base my value on them, but if a crystal goblet is going to help make me smile a little and tingle a bit, then crack open the Diet Coke and pour me a gobletful! It’s the purpose that it is there to serve!  

Until next time, I see you enjoying the good stuff in life, whatever you feel it is! You allow yourself the freedom to savor external gifts from the Universe and you hold true to the knowing that you are deserving of abundance in every size, shape and form.  How well you receive physical blessings is a direct indication of how well you will accept the internal gifts.  Choose to receive with ease. And so it is!

Positively and energetically yours,                      

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC