A funny thing happens after you’ve been in this manifestation game a while: you start to receive what it is you intended to create! Weird how that works, isn’t it???    

Now, we’re all familiar with reaping what you sow, and sadly for so many of us, it’s much easier to handle “bad” experiences or circumstances we thought we didn’t want.  Chaos, suffering, confusion and punishment are unfortunately comfortable coats to wear when that is all you’ve ever known.   

What happens though, when your consciousness begins to shift and you start to bring home all the beautiful, positive and shining abundance the Universe has intended for you to receive?  Now what??? 

Naturally for many people, a level of discomfort comes from this sudden downpour of bounty! Sure on paper it’s amazing and exactly what you’ve been asking for:  your soul mate appears, the dream job falls in your lap, time to devote yourself to your charitable causes becomes available and finally you can afford that Mercedes you’ve dreamed of since childhood!

Beautiful as all this manifestation is, the art of receiving is yet another opportunity to strengthen our self-love and worthiness.  It’s quite normal to be bombarded by questions from your Ego, challenging your intelligence and strengths.  Questions like:

  • “I have all this money! What if I lose it all or use it the wrong way?”
  • “What if I’m not good enough for my new job?”
  • “Family and friends who are suffering are going to be angry and jealous if they see me in a Benz.”
  • “What if my soul mate stops loving me?”

It is natural to feel this way and for your Ego to ask these questions! After all, these blessings are completely new to you and in its own twisted way, the Ego is only trying to keep you safe…by its own definition.  This is when you’re at a cross road, though.  Do you declare:

1) “YES! This is the new chapter in my amazing life and I am worthy to have everything that I do!”


2) Stay on the same comfortable… albeit limited…path of mediocrity? 

There are advantages to both and it is up only to you to decide which road you prefer. 

Intuitively, though, I’m sure you’re ready to begin your new life of bounty…simply because you’ve read this far! It’s a clear indication that you know what and who you want to be but just need some help stepping into your new role as the goods are starting to arrive in your life! So how about this:

  • As with everything that is attracted into your life, it starts with your belief about it.  KNOW you are deserving of this newly delivered greatness! KNOW IT! KNOW IT! KNOW IT! You ARE great and you were brought into this lifetime to have a flourishing and beautiful existence.  It is your birthright! Own it.


  • Affirm your ability to receive and morph forms! Declare: “I easily go with the flow and I allow myself to transition into my new sense of Self.  I shed my former skin of fear and don a beautiful Technicolor coat of confidence, joy, self-love and zeal for my life! I am passionate about living well!”


  • Know that all experiences that come into your life are opportunities to grow.  Use the hesitation that you are feeling for what it is:  An opportunity to learn, love yourself more and move forward.


  • Remain committed to the truth that everything happens for your highest good….including these feelings you’re having now.  Have faith and trust in this belief; it will instantly transform your perspective!

 And finally:

  • Never EVER dim your light because someone else can’t stand your shine.  The choice is theirs to either clean up their own lamp or remain covered in dust.  You chose differently…and my! What beautiful rewards you are receiving because of it!

 Positively and energetically yours,                      

 Thomas Dunleavy, CPC