Listen closely, your heart is trying to tell you something
It knows the work that is calling you
The work you cannot deny or run from
It has been infused into you and you must listen

Some are called to the spotlight
Radiating their heart and passion for all to see
Center stage
They boldly stand, carving a new path

For others it is a quieter journey
Amongst  colleagues and friends
Sharing bits of wisdom, listening closely
Opening up space for others to just be

Each is equally important
Adding truth, love, and kindness to this flourishing world
A thought, a moment, a word can make a difference
Spinning someone ever so slightly onto a new path

We are visionaries of connection
Seeking moments where the walls come down
The heart is open
And the truth spills out

When another opens up in this way, there is no judgment
Only a quiet understanding of walking a similar path
Empathy for the struggle
And a hand reaching out to say I will walk beside you and be here when you need me

We understand the weight that is lifted
When realize we are not alone in our pain
So we stand beside others
Sharing our hearts, listening, and looking deeply into each others eyes

We are all on this human journey together
Unsure of what lies around the next bend
Seeking out the next adventure
Dreaming, scheming, loving, being

Together we make the world a kinder place
Together we brighten up even the darkest of days
We cannot do it all alone
We must lean on one another and be together