The word “Me” is not a four letter word, you know! Nor is “Alone” or “Myself” or “Solitude.” Yet so many feel they’re to be avoided, like the real four letter words of our language. Why is that?  Because we feel we’ll be missing out on something?  Or because we’ll be seen by others as antisocial or (GASP!!!) as an introvert???  Human connection and healthy relationships are some of the beautiful advantages that come from being blessed with life, but so is honoring our personal space and need for freedom. 

For today, let’s affirm what it is that serves US best, and release the need to appease the perception of others.  I affirm: 

For today, I take time for ME!!!!  I sleep as late as I want, I answer the emails that make me smile and I choose the activities that just feel good!

My time is mine! I joyfully invest it how I want, with whom I want and in the manner I want.  I own my time and invest it how I see fit!

I embrace setting boundaries! They allow me to honor what is best for me while providing the opportunity to respect others with my honesty.  It feels good to be direct with those I share my life with and I am safe to do so!

Inner ease is my intention.  How can I welcome more opportunities for this relief in my life?

For today, I take my time.  I stop, I listen to life and I allow gratitude to fill all aspects of my being.  I’m going to be here a while.  🙂

 And so it is!

 Positively and energetically yours,                      

 Thomas Dunleavy, CPC