We give so much during December, yet what is the greatest gift that the holidays reciprocate to us?  I believe that it is the carefree and (dare I say) shameless platform that we are provided during this month of celebration.  The holidays enable us to dish out all the goodies we have in our heart for those we love…and to do so endlessly without reason. 

As we move forward into this sacred time of the year, I challenge you to find just one more person to give abundantly to! Sure, you’ve selected the perfect presents for your family, friends, coworkers…even your mailman! There’s one deserving person though who has been overlooked and could use more attention:


This holiday season, I ask you to make time for yourself and acknowledge the amazing spirit that is inside of you.  This same light that energizes you to give so freely to others must be mirrored back on yourself; you need to spotlight who you are at your core.  Take the time to commemorate all that you do for others and know that you are worthy to have it in return as well!   

  • When you give a gift, affirm:

“I am generous and thoughtful!!!  My soul radiates when I give freely, and so do I! I love the way this feels!” 

  • When you receive a present, remind yourself:

I am worth being celebrated! I accept this generosity easily and with open arms.  It feels great to be loved!” 

  • When you are thanked, truly internalize the gratitude! Say:

“I am appreciated! I am valued! I make a difference to others and in service to them do I serve myself. This is great!!!”

I trust that you will take every possible moment that you can to kick up your heels and celebrate this season.  Rejoice in love, jubilate in generosity and above all else: glorify the unique and powerful torch inside of you.  This is what makes you sparkle!  What better gift could there be? It’s the golden passport to joyful living!   

Positively and energetically yours,                      

 Thomas Dunleavy, CPC