Seeker of the Sun by Lee Clements

Energy is one of my favourite topics; sensing it, recognising it, harnessing it, transforming it. As we go through the change in seasons, there is an energy shift, a time of reflection for me, a transforming of energy.

Part of my daily spiritual practice is to check in with my energy first thing in the morning. Most mornings I sit in my favourite chair for meditation, just before the sun comes up, and complete my morning meditation. I focus on feeling the energy of the morning, the energy of the earth. and the connection between the two. It is an energising way to start the day and leaves me awake, alert and grounded.

Throughout my day I consciously check in on my energy, aware of any shifts and changes, tuned in to whether my energy is being depleted or being refreshed and invigorated, mindful of the energy I am taking in and giving out. Each time we interact with someone we participate in an energy exchange. Over the years I have become very conscious of when I need to raise my energy and how to do that.  Sometimes I feel like my energy needs a boost. Either I have been in a stressful or challenging situation, rushed off my feet, or I’m feel ungrounded, flighty or disconnected. Sometimes I just feel flat. At these times I have a few techniques that I use, depending on where I am and what situation I am in, to replenise and re-energise.

1. Meditation – Even if i have just 5 minutes to sit in a quiet place, meditation is a favourite way to reconnect and centre my energy. It helps me focus on what I need at the time so I can concentrate on restoring the balance withing my body and grounding me. Concentrating on the in and out breaths, quickly take me in to a meditative state. Visualising how the energy moves in my body, concentrating on any areas that need healing or restoring, affords me the greatest benefit from this practice.

2. Music – Most of the time, music goes hand in hand with my meditation practice, but if I can’t sit still and meditate, I play music. Depending on the situation, music is an important marker of where my energy is. It is easy to play wherever you are. When I come home from work, I play a specific track that lifts the energy, refreshing and settling a sense of calm and peacefulness throughout the whole house.  Music can change my personal energy and mood quickly. When I paint in the studio, I have music playing most of the time. It helps me imbue my energy into the painting I am creating in that moment.

3. Gratitude lists – This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to quickly focus on the positive, reframing how you are looking at a situation, and keeping you surrounded by a beautiful thankful state of mind. Anytime you feel your energy needs a boost just sit quietly and list 5 things you are grateful for right now. Instant gratification!

4. Going outside – the quickest way to ground your energy if you are feeling disconnected or flighty is to take off your shoes and go stand on the earth, hug a tree if you can. The energy of the earth is powerful and it can centre you instantly.

5. Breathe – sit for a few minutes and concentrate on your breath. Breathe in for 3 counts, hold for 3 and then breathe out for 3. Do this till you feel your energy stablising

6. Mindfulness – Practice being present. Reminding yourself to connect to the energy of the present moment is another way to stabilise your energy and keep you grounded.

I hope you find these tools helpful in your own energy work.

Remember that energy is all around us and it is within us and you have the power to change that energy