Lately I’ve been pushing myself to new levels with my paintings, which can often lead to frustration and so many ugly first starts that I seem to paint over. Many times these last few weeks I’ve returned to my comfort zone and panted owls.

For me, that’s all part of my creative process.

And whenever I figure out something new with my artwork, it’s like a light goes off and the painting suddenly resonates. Maybe it’s a new technique, a new mix of art supplies or a new character style that gets uncovered, but I definitely know it when I find it.

With this painting I worked on it while my friend Dave shot video . The spontaneity of the moment and being on camera really made me have fun with the process and, I think, all of that joy got infused into the layers of the painting.

But it wasn’t until I added a few paper elements like the bird, some book pages and the face of a queen that this painting really fell into place.

And once I found my character, I knew her story…

Through thick and thin, the phoenix always rises strong and beautiful from the ashes, knowing that what matters most, above all else, is at length THE JOURNEY.

xoxo, Juliette

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