Image Credit Lou Doch

How is 2012 treating you my friends?  I hope it is off to a great start.

I love new year.  I love the freshness of it.  This is always a great time of year for me.  A time when I do lots of dreaming and planning and hoping for the year ahead.  A time to reflect on the year that’s been, to lay it to rest and to set my intention for the coming 12 months.  I love new year more than any other festive occasion.

This year I’m making a special point to get back to noticing.  It’s one of my intentions for the year.  To keep my heart and eyes open for {messages from the universe}.  To be open to all the goodness that the universe has to offer me.

How about you?  How are you getting ready for the year ahead?  Do you have any special rituals or processes?

Will you be keeping an eye out for signs and messages from the universe to guide you in your travels?