fresh cut grass.

morning walks.

bacon and eggs lifting through open windows.

tickling our senses.

summer. soak. shine.

windows thrown up.

music filters.

littles riding

carefree along the cracked concrete.

summer. soak. shine.


cocktails on the front porch.

sun sets.

sunday naps as the seventh inning stretches.

blue skies. dance.

summer. soak. shine. 

oh how i love summertime. i wish i could bottle it up for the long winter around the corner. i tend to burrow in for the winter like a happy little squirrel who has tucked away plenty of grub for the long stay.

summertime. a time of year that i allow for more naps, music and walks to our little farmers market on saturdays. ultimate. self-care.

so do tell. how do you spend your summertime. (ps. that can of paint above. soon will be used to coat my happy little mailbox. that really makes me happy.)

peace, kelly