What is the story you have been telling yourself
Where does it begin
What ending have you already drafted
What if you let that story go
Looked at the blank page and only dreamed up what could be
What if you embraced the unknown direction that it will lead you
How would you feel

What if you turned it all over to the universe
Giving it permission to work it’s magic
Allowing your expectations to drop to the floor
Providing space for the unknown
Opening your heart, mind, and soul
Knowing you are not in control
How would you feel

How would you feel
Knowing all you had to do was show up
Live in the moment
Breathe deeply into your heart
Enjoy this life, the one you are living
Love the ones you are with
And appreciate and show gratitude for what unfolds

How would you feel
Letting go of the old story you have been telling yourself
The one where you beat yourself up, and knock yourself down
The one that plays on repeat in your head
What if you no longer had to live in that story
What if you could toss it into the sea
Watch it slip away and be infused with the power and grace of the ocean

You can, you can, you can
You can feel the way you want to feel
You can relinquish control, breathe deep, and just be
You are already so much stronger than you know
Look deep inside to find what you desire
State these desires out loud
And then live, and feel, and be

You are a shining beacon of light
Living your story
Feel this
Yes, feel this

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