HeARTfelt greetings!  During your beautiful journey learning about the power of affirmations and focused thoughts, you are likely to experience a flood of ranging emotions.  Last post we discussed the power of mindfulness as you consciously CHOOSE what it is you think and say.  The results of these thoughts help to create not only your outward reality but also your inner experience as well! These emotions are key and hold great insight into where it is we are and where we are destined to go.  When was the last time you listened for the lesson that your emotions were trying to share with you?

When first introduced to the power of positive thought, many have described feeling a sense of excitement, a rebirth or wild thrill for being in control for the first time! This passion is completely understandable, for the light of new thought shines brightly against the darkness of negative pattern.  Freshly energized and excited, we realize “The way I think really matters in what it is I experience!  The words I say truly makes an impact on myself and others!  I choose to make the most of my powerful thoughts!”

So where do you go from there???  After all, you are the one creating your thoughts now! You play the active role in your life! You have decided to replace the pattern of defaulting into whatever is handed to you and replace it with dynamic manifestation and control!  So with all this power completely at your fingertips…which way do you go? Which thoughts do you choose?


Start small.  Simply allow yourself to FEEL GOOD.  Sounds so basic but often times, we deny ourselves this core and natural way of being.  We are meant to feel at peace, to be at ease, to be happy and feel content. How does it feel to believe that?  When all the drama (that is often self imposed) is lifted from us, what are we left with?  A nondescript situation that is waiting for US to color it.  Which hues are you going to use?

“I paint my life with the vivid colors of my choice! Yellow for confidence, red for drive, lavender for healing, pink for love.  I am all of these shades and so much more.  I am the artist of my life and I am the only one who holds the paint brush!”

Choose to create the reality that you want to experience and let what you have now be your indicator whether or not you’re on course.  For example, you may see chaos around you, have hurtful people in your life or be overwhelmed with work you feel you must do. So many of the clients I work with feel this way on a daily basis.  Heck! I used to feel this way on a daily basis!!! But for today, how open are you to shifting these perceptions into what you WANT them to be?

  • “My life is chaotic” becomes “I joyfully experience everything that takes place in my life!”
  • “He’s so hurtful” becomes “I know he’s doing the best he knows how to do, because I’m doing the best I know how to do.”
  • “This is all too overwhelming” becomes “I’ve got this.  I’m ok.  It’s only work.  It will get done and I’m going to experience it with an open heart and mind!”

As you see, the key to this incredible work that you are doing and the seal of its success comes from your emotional state of being.  Without the emotion, you just have words.  Allow yourself to feel great and in return, receive the great things that happen!  Start small and the world can only go up from there!

Until next time, I know that you make decisions to help yourself, you think the words that you need to create the life you desire and you choose the best feeling thought that you can access.  You are a uniquely dynamic soul and I see you shaping a wonderful experience for yourself and for those you love.  Your thoughts matter.  Your feelings matter.  And more than anything else, you matter GREATLY!

Energetically and positively yours,

Thomas Dunleavy