“Sing the Song” by Jane Hinchliffe


The words on my painting – ‘Sing the song that is etched on your heart…’ came quite spontaneously… However, I haven’t always been that brave or intuitive…

All too easily we can go through life with our eyes and heart closed and not be aware of this unfolding tragedy. Of course, we love our family dearly, we may tend our homes and gardens with the utmost care or notice a beautiful sunset, or be deeply moved by the words of a poem that breaks us open, or music that calms or excites us. However, those whispers of the heart – how many of us listen to those? Can we even hear them any more?

Years ago, I felt that I must be missing some vital piece to the puzzle. My heart and spirit felt parched. I would get up, work, make dinner, go to sleep and then the whole routine started again the next day. Yes, there were times when I felt joy and contentment but not for long. That nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach would jab me back into that painful recognition once more.

However, after having suffered from depression for a number of years and then reaching rock bottom, things changed for me. I woke up! I lifted off the blindfold and saw the world in all it’s glory! It was immeasurably beautiful and I was dazzled and totally smitten!

You see, I never wanted to ‘just’ exist – I wanted to experience happiness and true contentment but didn’t think it was possible on an on-going basis. For me, the turning point came when I reached for and then found the outstretched arms of God.

I wholeheartedly believe that God wants us to be authentic – to be true to ourselves. There is much agony, hardship, hate, envy and evil in this world. However, there is also a tremendous amount of love! Love always wins out against evil. So, if you want to live your life with purpose, integrity, joy and meaning, seek Him out.

You might be questioning what you have to offer this crazy world of ours but we all have our unique story or gifts that needs to be heard or shared across the oceans.

Is it that you love children, elderly people, or are you a gifted writer, cook, gardener, poet, animal lover or a fantastic listener? Don’t apologise, feel ashamed or inadequate – embrace your foibles, frailities and eccentricities and fan your love out to the waiting world – just don’t compromise your values, beliefs and traditions along the way.

Remember, all of us need to ‘Sing the song that is etched on your heart’. The world will be a better place for it…

Jane Hinchliffe wishes to ‘Reawaken hearts + minds to the beauty of life’.  She is an Artist who lives in the UK with her husband and two boys.  She offers on line Skype ‘Let’s chat’ sessions and teaches a local art class in her home.  She adores writing, art journaling, and encouraging women to use expressive art as a way towards self-discovery.  She is just a little obsessed with taking oodles of photographs on her morning walks – much to the annoyance of her little dog,  Mia…

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