“days decrease, / and autumn grows, autumn in everything.” 
― robert browning

here in the middle the air is turning from sticky sweet to a cooler crisp. the air smells of leaves and a hint of leftover bbq’s. i love this time of year. some saturdays you can hear the football games from two streets over and evening walks take on a whole new meaning. as a little girl i loved this month more than anything. my birthday month. each year the carnival came to our little town for the annual fish fry. it also meant i got to spend time with my pops on the football field. i loved listening to the drums head through the parking lot as the band warmed up and the smell of freshly popped pop corn.

sacred life. yes.  here are a few things i am adding to my so called – sacred list.

one.  build a little fire and sit outside under the big moon.
two. keep your evening company with a warm glass of cider and popcorn.
three.  drive out to the edge of town and watch the sun set.
four.  eat dinner on the porch.
five. open your windows and let the crisp air energize your walls.
six. make hearty soups for chilly days.
seven.  go through your closets. donate coats that aren’t used.
eight. find simple ways to send warm love into the world. maybe crochet or knit hats and gloves. simple quilts and blankets to warm up someone who needs a little extra love for the winter coming.
nine. turn off the noise. create, read, cook. do something that makes you happy and nourishes your soul.
ten. smile – every single day.

just simple easy things to carry the hope into the fall as we prepare to snuggle into the winter. some days we just get so busy we forget!.