hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes
without the words – and never stops at all.

emily dickinson 

march is heading out and soon april will grace our lands with prickly blossoms, warm rays of sun (fingers crossed) and days of renewal. it all sounds so good. kinda like january, the new hope and a new chance at starting over. i used to say i HATE spring (thats not very nice, now is it) but once while whining about how spring is so cold and rainy and this and that, a friend said to me, “oh i love spring, it is the season of renewal and hope.” that simple statement kind of made me stop and rethink my own feelings. i can’t say that i now love spring, but each time i feel those rather negative nelly voices heading to the surface i make myself switch gears in the game. here are ten things i am thinking about for the next month.

one.  get out and take a walk.
two. time to buy a new box of sidewalk chalk. yes! sidewalk chalk. share your creations with the neighborhood.
three.  run to the store and buy a simple bunch of flowers (trader joes has the best!)
four.  crack the windows let that fresh, healing air in child!
five. allow sunday to be about gathering, sharing and simply resting.
six. plan out a little garden
seven.  clean out the muck. purging is always a weight lifted!
eight. add a few banners, prayer flags and twinkle lights to the outside!
nine. bring fresh clean foods into each day. even just one meal. it is amazing how those things of the earth, bring a new energy to the day.
ten. smile – every single day.

just simple easy things to carry the hope into the spring as we wait for those happy summer rays. some days we just get so busy we forget!.