A year ago I was given the opportunity to show up here once a month and share my words and images with you guys.  It has been a wonderful year.  I am so thankful for being here.

Today I invite you to slow down
Take a moment to think about the year that is passing
We still have some time in 2012, but 2013 will be here before we know it
The holiday season always seems to speed up time

So lets take a moment today
To celebrate our successes from this past year
To congratulate ourselves on being brave, and taking the leap
And lets be gentle with ourselves where we wished things had turned out differently

In one year we get filled with experiences
New adventures
And meet new people
What were some of your favorite moments

Today lets clap our hands
Dance a little jig
Jump up and down
For we have created a whole new chapter in our lives

Let’s take a walk down memory lane
Look through pictures we had taken
Pull out some words we had written
Let’s soak in what this past year has meant to us

It may have been a struggle of a year
Constantly fighting to stay on top
Or it may have been one of your best years yet
Whatever life threw at you, lets be grateful for making it to here

So today
Lets pause
And remember our lives from 2012