I think I finally get it now.

In order for me to fully be able to pour love into my work, into others’ hearts, I need to first pour love into my own heart.

I am starting this year with loving my studio, the heart of my business, the place where I spend my time.  I moved the studio space from a crammed, dimly lit upstairs bedroom that also held my clothes and was the place I got dressed and ready for my day.  Because I got dressed in that room, at any given time there might be a hairdryer on my studio table, or makeup, or sweaters, you name it.  It seemed like I always had to clean first, before I could create or print and package orders.  I also had a desk in there with all my personal stuff- bills, books, mail, etc.  It was all too much for one little room to hold.

Now, my studio is downstairs in crisp and clean white space with hardwoods and big windows looking out to the beautiful apple tree in our back yard.  It feels grounding to see the earth as I work.  We just had our first real snow fall this morning and the view looking out the window nearly took my breath away.

I poured more love into my studio by buying the most glorious artist lights I could find.  They all take full spectrum bulbs, much better than florescent.  I now have an easel.  The room is cleaned and organized.  The room is only filled with what I need for my art business and what I absolutely adore.

To add to the love, I bought a “Happy Lamp” that rests right on my artist’s table.  Instant sunshine in my studio whenever I want it!  I also have an essential oil diffuser to use my favorite scented oils that bring about clarity, happiness and motivation.  Finally, I threw in a space heater to literally warm up the sacred space.  All much needed equipment for Upstate New York winters and adds comfort and sweetness to the room.

My studio is not entirely finished yet, but coming into work makes me feel giddy.   It makes me feel loved and taken care of.  I believe magical things are going to happen this year in my new room.

I really do finally get it.  The best way I can serve the world with my work is to first pour love into my own heart and allow it to spread from there.