Maori symbol for friendship doodle by Lee Clements

Maori symbol for friendship doodle by Lee Clements


“The only way to have a friend is to be one. “– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This little quote is one of my mantras, tucked away in a corner of my psyche and is something that I try to live by everyday. It is a leveler, a reminder that relationships don’t just evolve and grow on their own; there has to be a level of mutual respect, compassion, love and kindness. Part of staying grounded in your friendships is to recognise the reasons why you are grateful for the people in your life and to cultivate, nurture and be the sort of friend that you would like to have.

Apart from my family, my friends are my lifeblood, they are the rocks in my hard places, they are the glue that binds my worlds together, they are the paint on my page, they are the words in the books I read. Friends hold you up when you are down, they shine the light on the dark, they make you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. They are there in my times of need, a reassuring shoulder to lean on, or a hand to high five when it’s time to celebrate. They can be by your side as you walk down the aisle and ruminate with you about where that darn book of instructions on raising kids has gone. They can accompany you on a hike through the wilderness and then share and a nice relaxing cuppa. My friends “get” me and they don’t judge me. They accept me for me and I am eternally grateful for their presence.

My friendship group is small by choice. I will always choose to have a small group of good friends rather than a whole plethora of acquaintances. Some of my friendships are with people half a world away that I have only formed through Facebook and blogging, some are right here in my backyard. I have met some wonderful people online, a lot that I will probably never have the opportunity to meet in person, but their words of wisdom, compassion, and friendship have a special place in my heart. At home, I love and value the time I spend with my friends. We need that personal contact, it feeds our soul on a different level, and I’m all for feeding my soul what it needs, desires and wishes for. A real friendship to me is when you can be truthful, be honest, be genuine and authentic, real friendship is when you can have a good or bad day and know that your friends will always be by your side.

Sometimes I forget things and I feel that I’m not being a good friend, I sometimes analyse whether I am doing things that a friend “should” do but there is a great quote by a friend of mine, Effy Wild, that says, “The thing is that your people will love you. Period.There’s no scrambling to be good enough required. There’s no need to bend and shape yourself into an acceptable configuration. You can be you, and they will just love you.” Ahhhh, don’t you just feel the earthy goodness of that right down deep in your soul. Far too often we let this crazy pace of life get in the way of connecting with those close to us. It’s time’s like these that we need to remind ourselves that we have to make the time, even if only for a short message or text to say hello, or an hour long phone call to catch up or to go and meet for a coffee at your favourite cafe. Just be yourself and you will attract the friends that are aligned with you and are the best for you.

Make it part of your daily gratitude practice to recognise the special part your friends have in your life. Then, whenever you can, do something, no matter how small, to show them your gratitude for their presence, to show them how much their friendship is appreciated. Record your thoughts in your gratitude journal or create a page in your art journal to honour your friendships and how they enhance your life.


I am an artist, a bookkeeper, a wife and mother living in Melbourne, Australia. I am a seeker of all things creative, beautiful and joyful. I believe that life is to be lived passionately and enthusiastically. Life is an adventure and you just have to choose to live it.

I am a bookkeeper by day and an artist at night and weekends, teaching monthly art journal classes at a local scrapbook shop. I am always striving for that balance between work, art, play and spiritual practice.

I am an avid reader of fiction and non fiction. My favourite non fiction authors include Louise L Hay, Caroline Myss and Wayne W Dyer.

I am a student, constantly eager to learn. I love meditation and learning all about metaphysical and spiritual practices that can help my soul’s growth and understanding.

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