Sat Nam, Hello Everybody!

A beautiful view of the wonderful full moon is had from here in the clear skies of East Sussex. Sorry, not the greatest image but its what connects me to you visually right now šŸ™‚

Ahhh so many infinite realms in which to explore life. A question you might like to ask yourself is from where are you exploring? What is theĀ  reference point, or your centre? From is your own sense of ‘I’ at this point, where is it located?

This can make a huge difference to what is truly ‘seen’,Ā  so by that I mean experiencing a wider deeper and richer opening to all that is exactly as it shows up.

So, given that we are in the month of Valentines let look more deeply into this aspect of heart and love.

The heart chakra is the place where love is centered. This is pretty well understood. Ā  There are of course many ideas and concepts about what love is and is usually practiced as an exchange of energy rather than unconditionally however this is the true sense of love that is just what is, and is ever present andĀ  available in any moment, if we turn our attention inwards deep to the centre of all that is, beyond the physicality. But in the body the heart area is a good guide.
The heart stands at the midway point of all energies and unifiesĀ  being as a whole. It is the bridge from the lower realms to the higher realmsĀ  of this energetic system. So we can move from security, survival, personal power through the heart to reach the subtle dimensions of clarity, insight, intuition, communication etc.

We can choose where to place attention, we can view our outward manifestation of reality and get a sense of what is going on internally, everything reflects back what we believe and therefore project about ourselves, until the point of true self is recognized in which case this will reflect the experience as well, operating from a place of neutrality.
Body parts for the fourth chakra include heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.

This month, there is Camel Pose to try should you feel inclined. This is not a beginner pose as such and you may made modifications if it feels waaaaaaaay to much of a stretch some ways to do that are to place the hands at the area of the kidneys or mid back and gently release backwards keeping hands there. This can be practiced until full posture is attained. another way is to curl the toes up rather than feel flat on the floor to bring some height. Just remember to breath nice full deep breaths and keeping chest expanded, relax and enjoy.

Camel Pose / Ustrasana

Begin by sitting on heels and rise up on knees.

Root self with the knees pressing into Earth

Bringing Pelvis Forward, tilt tailbone under,

lifting up from heart and exhaling over

lift hips us high,

leaning back to hold feet. Don’t have knees far apart.

Try and maintain for a couple of minutes and extending the time with practice.



So have fun with that. And again, observe life, observe the situations you create or find yourself in somehow, observe everything that comes up, feelings, emotion, pain, joy the whole spectrum, notice any resistance in this posture but also in life and see if beyond that you can apply acceptance to that.

Any questions at all, I’d love to hear from you, otherwise meet you here again next month.

In deepest love Devi KirinĀ  xxx