When I’m craving some wisdom or guidance, I let a book on my shelves call out to me. I’ll pick a title even if it doesn’t seem to make sense, then ask the universe to lead me to the page I need to read in that moment. I often marvel at the message and how perfect it is for me in that space and time.

This week, I decided to do the same for you; I asked the universe to share a book passage with me that might resonate with you. Ready for your message? I felt drawn to Deepak Chopra’s Power, Freedom & Grace – and this is the text I landed on, starting on page 147:

“Though we may not understand it, the essential truth of the universe is that it’s synchronistic and coincidental. Everything is connected with everything else, and if we are in synch with the universe, then we experience synchronicity. The more connected we are, the more we experience coincident or simultaneous events. 

Therefore, never ignore coincidences. When a coincidence happens, ask yourself, What does this mean? What is the significance of this coincidence? Coincidences are messages from your soul; they are clues to the nonlocal Self. The local self is the person you think you are. The nonlocal Self is the unbounded spirit. You experience both, so when coincidence happens, in that moment you have glimpsed your soul, the nonlocal Self. When you have a conscious awareness of the soul, you experience everything as a miracle. You feel happy, and your life begins to transform. You see the connection between your inner world and outer world; you see that every event in your life is being orchestrated by the entire universe.” 

Ohhhh…I adore this reminder for me and you: that when we allow ourselves to be our truest, most authentic selves, it’s like a magic door opens up to our lives. Wonderful connections and “coincidences” take place, beauty emerges like never before and we’re in a frame of mind/spirit to see it, feel it and honor it all. What a beautiful reward for connecting with our best selves. We are surrounded by miracles, but it’s up to us to notice them.