You are beginning a new year
A fresh start
A new moment in time
But you are also ending something
Saying goodbye
Writing 2013 for the very last time
You are moving into a new day
A new opportunity
A new chance to finally get it right this time
And chances are, you may not
Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean it will all start working out
But you will try
You will show up, as you should
You will begin with organization, and end in complete chaos
You will carve your path, and then you will lose your wary
But it is ok
It is all ok
You are on YOUR journey
And no one can write it for you except yourself
You choose your destiny
You hold the keys to your future
You have the power to say yes or no
And you do
You follow your heart
You listen to your inner voice
You choose your world
And this is your time
This is your moment
You know what you have to do
You know how to begin
And so you do
Know that there are people holding you up
Know that you will falter
But you will also shine
Embrace the good moments
Learn from the struggles
Go out and do what you are meant to do
Begin right now

Jennifer belthoff