Happy New Year everyone. As we tip toe into 2014, I am conscious to slow myself down a little. Not want to hit the ground running or dive into anything without really feeling it, wanting it, contemplating it.

We will be focusing on new monthly themes for 2014, so all our posts this month will be about new beginnings, starting something fresh, new, exciting. Listening to our hearts for direction, listening to our own intuition for guidance.

New beginnings ā€“ what does my heart say?

What is my beginning?

Iā€™m starting something fresh and new

Feeling cautious to dip my toe in, shall I dive in or take it slowly?

Is this the right direction for me?

I listen to my heart to feel if this new beginning is something I am ready for

Sitting silently and still for just a moment, closing my eyes.

What do I ask for in this brand new year? Am I clear about my wishes, dreams and goals? Do I really know what ā€œIā€ want or would like to accomplish?

Or am I just going through the motions?

What is my beginning?

I take a deep breath in, deep into my lungs, filling it with positive fresh air, filling every cell in my body with life.

What do I wish for this year?

what goals do I want to accomplish?

what places do I want to visit?

who do I invite into my life and who can support and guide me on my path?

What do I want to learn?

How do I want to feel?

How do I want to be with other people, new people I meet?

What can I teach others?

What skills and talents do I have that I would like to share with the world?

What can I let go of to allow space for new possibilities?

What is holding me back from moving forward?

What can I do to release any feelings of heaviness and being stuck?

What is my beginning?

How can I maintain energy or intention for the year ahead?

What things, people, places give me energy? How can I include these into my daily life?

What is my beginning, what does it look like? How does it feel?

What will I be celebrating this time next year?


Let’s quietly make our intention as the year year begins.

Beginnings are precious, lets savour them



What does a new beginning or a new year mean to you? How do you feel about this year ahead?