Birthdays.  The 24 hours out of the year when it’s socially acceptable to be completely self-absorbed and self-serving! We make declarations like “I don’t care! It’s my birthday!” and “You have to be nice to me! It’s my birthday!” We confidently stretch ourselves into doing activities we normally wouldn’t do and we enter into the day expecting others to dote on us, buy us presents, flood our Facebook with well wishes and throw us a party.  And for one day out of the year, we allow ourselves to sleep in and have that second piece of cake! 

In short, we all have a simple goal that every person shares: We want to feel special and be recognized, even if it’s just for a day.

  • What specifically about the way you’re treated on your birthday do you love the most, and why does that impact you so?

It seems that birthdays give us permission to be good to ourselves and make it “OK” for others to treat us well.  As soon as it’s over though, we’re expected to go back to our previously established ways of sacrificing and once again resist generosity.  Though many of us may relate to this “back to reality” mentality, there is a middle ground and a fantastic opportunity to create a NEW reality here.   

What would it be like if we committed to the realization that every day has new beginnings (just like the day we were born) and we can celebrate each one like it’s a birthday?  The truth is, every day IS a birth day! It’s the birth of a new thought, an alternate feeling and a fresh adventure!  Just as we gently treat ourselves and allow others to pamper us on the day of our birth, so do we self-care and receive the generosity of others EVERY day!  The present moment gives us the best gifts imaginable: the power to start fresh, live abundantly and always align with the best feeling emotion available to us at the time.

Just like on your birthday, expect each day to be joyful! Take care of yourself and allow yourself to receive the party that can be had from living an internally aligned life!  And the best part is: you’ll be able to have your cake AND eat it too!

Until next time, I see you celebrating the power and uniqueness that you have shining inside of you EVERY day.  I know you travel through your beautiful life one day at time, cherishing the gifts Spirit showers on you and receiving your blessings with ease.  You unwrap the next step in your life’s journey, you joyfully revel in self-care and you grow year after year with confidence and pride.  And so it is!

Positively and energetically yours,

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC