I’m so excited to be here with you today and to be sharing on a topic that I love.

A couple of years ago now I started to notice signs popping up here and there.  I’d be taking a shortcut down one of Melbourne’s infamous laneways and I’d come across a wonderful piece of graffiti or a fascinating art installation.   Or I’d be riding my bike and I’d stumble across something fabulous stencilled on the pavement.  Everywhere I went I started to receive what I liked to call ‘messages from the universe’.  Affirmations and reminders to point me in the right direction, lift my spirits or keep me focused.  Sometimes poignant, sometimes a bit of fun, I started to notice that if I kept my eyes open there were treasures to be found all over the place.  Often these messages seemed like they were meant just for me.

And so I kept on noticing.

I decided to start a Flickr group where I could share my finds and invite others to share their finds too.  I love seeing what other people come across in their travels.  Often I’ll find words of inspiration and affirmation right there in the group.  Sometimes I might set one of the images as a desktop background, use the words as inspiration in an artwork or print an image and carry those words around with me .

I invite you over the next month to keep your eyes open and see what the universe has for you.  What messages is it bringing you?  Carry your camera or phone with you and take a photo when you come across a message from the universe.  If you’d like to, join the group and share your finds.  I often pop into the {messages from the universe} group when I feel like I need a boost or a dose of inspiration.  I’d love to see what you come across.

Next month I’ll share some of the great finds from the group.

Happy noticing!