I hope the Summer was bright and shiny for all. Nice to connect again after a bit of a break.

Here in the UK we have 4 seasons, although in recent years they have been pretty mixed up! But we get a good dose of warmth and cold,  snow and ice and sunshine, rain and winds. I have to say, I do love the changes each season brings.

And so, here we are,  again at the cusp of the late summers edge. And all it will bring as we go forth into this new cycle.  There is a shift from the late summer and element of Earth to Air. And with this the internal organs to lovingly nurture are lungs and large intestine.

At this time, its a call to go more inwards, preparing for the depth of Winter, to gather together on all levels of being.    Externally we see, all around us in nature, the shift from Summer to Autumn through the leaves changing color and dropping once more, letting go of what was.   It’s of no importance to to nature, and as part of that same cycle, can we truly live for now, letting go of what already passed,  and be with what is right this very moment with an open heart?

As always we can look to nature to understand a way of living in rhythm.

Lately, I have made a  series of tiny paintings to sell at a collaboration workshop where I am teaching yoga. Its a beautiful event called ‘Nourish the Soul” for Women only, including sound therapy/healing and good nutritious food and demos. Its  going to be a beautiful, uplifting day.   Above, is one of my paintings that spoke of  being named ‘Open’ may this be a great reminder to all to stay in that place with ever deepening trust.

So, this month i would like to share with you a really sweet meditation for the beautiful heart centre. The 4th Chakra that will greatly assist you with staying open and acting from a FULL HEART. I hope you will give it a go, and let me know how you find it.

A reminder- When we practice in this yogi tradition we tune in with a mantra to start, which you can find here



Sit in an Easy Pose, or a cross legged position.

EYES: Either close the eyes or look straight ahead with the eyes 1/10th open.

MUDRA: Place the left hand on the center of the chest at the Heart Center. The palm is flat against the chest, and the fingers are parallel to the ground, pointing to the right. Make Gyan Mudra with the right hand (touch the tip of the index (Jupiter) finger with the tip of the thumb). Raise the right hand up to the right side as if giving a pledge. The palm faces forward, the three fingers not in Gyan Mudra point up. The elbow is relaxed near the side with the forearm perpendicular to the ground.

Breath: Concentrate on the flow of the breath. Regulate each bit of the breath consciously. Inhale slowly and deeply through both nostrils. Then suspend the breath in and raise the chest. Retain it as long as possible. Then exhale smoothly, gradually, and completely. When the breath is totally out, lock the breath out for as long as possible. (by squeezing the anus, sex organs and navel)

Time: Continue this pattern of long, deep breathing for 3 (and building up slowly to 31 minutes)

To End: Inhale and exhale strongly 3 times. Relax.

The proper home of the subtle force, prana, is in the lungs and heart. The left palm is placed at the natural home of prana, creating a deep stillness at that point. The right hand that throws you into action and analysis is placed in a receptive, relaxed mudra and put in the position of peace. The entire posture induces the feeling of calmness. It technically creates a still point for the prana at the Heart Center. Emotionally, this meditation adds clear perception to your relationships with yourself and others. If you are upset at work or in a personal relationship, sit in this meditation for 3 to 15 minutes before deciding how to act. Then act with your full heart. Physically, this meditation strengthens the lungs and heart. This meditation is perfect for beginners. It opens awareness of the breath, and it conditions the lungs. When you hold the breath in or out for “as long as possible,” you should not gasp or be under strain when you let the breath move again. –  try it for 3 minutes.- If you have more time, try it for three periods of 3 minutes each, with one minute rest between them, for a total of 11 minutes. – For an advanced practice of concentration and rejuvenation, build the meditation up to 31 minutes.

copyright YOGI BHAJAN 2003