Hello dear readers.

I am so thrilled to be sharing another heartfelt post with you.  

        I am one of those people who love boldly.  I express my love through words and actions.  If you are one of my dearests, trust me you know it- there is no in between.  Perhaps it’s because I’m French Canadian and there is no word in the French language to mean “like”.  It’s all or nothing where I’m from.

This way of loving has set me up for quite a few hardships.  My friendships like so many of you have been crucial throughout my journey.  As a past military wife, some of these women were my lifeline.  At times, they were my only people to come and go everyday, and for months at a time.

Since then, I have continued to keep my heart open and make real friendships.  But, in the last few years, I have had to say good-bye to some of them.   To say I struggled with these decisions is an understatement.  I lost sleep, I had bad dreams, and  cried many tears.  But in the end, letting them go and setting them free was an act of love towards myself.  An act of self-respect and self-preservation.  It also taught me the value of own my self-worth.  These women that I loved dearly and spent hours with were not meant to stay in my life forever.  I believe our paths crossed for many important reasons, but in the end, I was meant to learn the art of creating loving boundaries.

“Letting Go”

by Danielle Daniel

From these relationships, I also learned to value my intuition. The knowing that was trying to be heard and validated.  From the inside of my belly, my intuition was trying to get my attention urging me to speak up and be honest with myself. From these women I learned what I truly deserve in a friendship;  a respectful exchange of energy.  I have also learned that true friendships are not easy.  It is a careful balance of giving and receiving, of giving all you have without selling yourself out. I have concluded that our bodies tell us what our minds choose not to believe.  Our bodies speak the truth and are always trying to communicate with us.  I will never deny the knowing inside my heart again.

One more thing I would like to add is this: For every friendship that has come to an end, a clearing was made for an abundance of new kindreds in my life.  I can honestly say that at this stage of my life as a mother and a wife, I never thought it would be possible to meet so many women who could enrich my existence.  So, I would like to end this post by thanking those I have let go.  I thank-you for the gifts you have given me and the lessons you have taught me.  I wholeheartedly wish you the very best and I continue to love you from a distance.

Trust Your Intuition

by Danielle Daniel

Do you need to make room for more meaningful friendships in your life? 

Are you struggling with letting someone go? 

Is it the years invested that keep you hanging on?  Is it your history together? 

Maybe, just maybe you were meant to read this today

so you could make room for something phenomenal

A friendship that will fill your heart without losing your integrity. 

I say you are worth it

Listen to what your heart says. 

Do not deny these whispers. 

Someone wonderful is waiting for you to make room…

With heaps of Love,

Danielle Daniel

Inspired by unwritten stories…