Two photos I have taken, several months apart. How can we not place our trust in the mysterious?


this one taken in our meditation room. I had gone in there fuming, soooo angry at my husband for something that I cannot even remember now. I sat down to breathe and pray, to find some peace and looking up at the candle I saw love reflected back to me, a heart made from melted wax, perfectly formed on the inside wall of the votive candle.

Love….light……a message from the divine……as if to say……let go of your anger……this is all there is…..

Several months later a little reminder…my love and I are far apart…..he working in Thailand and things are not exactly going to plan (our plan:) ), me here in the US ready to embark on a wonderful teaching tour.

We visit our friends Mark and Christine (Mark was the best man at our wedding 25 years ago). He is now keeping bees and he shows me a piece of the honeycomb the bees have created. There are on the outside, a heart, perfectly formed from wax….

inside, outside, up, down…

look around…

LOVE……thats all there is

Tracy xo

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”

― Jeanette WintersonThe World and Other Places: Stories