I love talking about what is real.  I love being honest and getting right into it without sugar-coating or pretending everything is okay when it isn’t.  I’m not afraid to talk about the hard topics.  I believe when we open up with honestly and sincerity healing happens, relationships get closer, love swoops in.

But sometimes for me, the feeling is stress, worry, anxiety, fretting.  When I feel this way and I talk about it, think about it and live in the space of stress, I am not healed.  I am only more stressed.  It seems to me that being stressed makes me more stressed.

I recognized this pattern this morning after I took a walk with my husband and the dogs.  We basically talked about stressful things and by the time I got home, I could feel anxiety in my chest.  It was a feeling of dread that weighed me down physically and emotionally.

This is not helpful.  I thought of my favorite quote from Mark Twain- “I’ve been through a lot of things in my life.  Some of which actually happened.”  I was running future scenarios in my head- all with bad outcomes.  All just stories.

I realized that, in the moment, everything was fine.  Good, even.  So I sat down and wrote a list of loves that I shared on my blog.  It felt so good that I want to add more here.  More loves!

I love that freshly cut flowers on my dining room table are the first thing I see when I come into the house.

I love heated car seats.

I love that reading a book changed the course of my life for the better (The Artist’s Way.)

I love the feeling of relief when it is so hot and a cloud covers the sun for just a moment.

I love the flying jet noise my macbook makes every time I send an email.

I love that reaching out to someone I love is always only a text away.