You have the wisdom you need deep within you
It is all right there, inside you
Work is necessary to unearth it
Patience is needed to see what is really their

We must slow down
Ask the hard questions
And sit in that spot of contemplation and wonder

We must pay attention to what our heart and mind are saying
Allow the voices inside to be heard
Grab hold of those big dreams
Give them room to breathe and grow

I have been dreaming big.  With big dreams comes enormous fears and deep nsecuriteies.  There is a goal I want to accomplish and an open road that I have no idea how to travel down. This is uncharted territory for me.  However, the possibilities are endless.  The unknowns are ridled with fear, but also rich with excitment.

I am learing to leap.  And discovering when to not go at it alone.  I am listening to that whisper in my heart that I have silenced for so long.  I am taking chances I normally would not be taking and finding what truly speaks to my soul.

I am making list after list.  Filled with dreams, accomplishments, and things that excite me.  I am puttint it all down so I do not forget.  I am also pausing for moments of gratitude and reflection. Thanking the universe for the joy it has brought me and the people it has lead into my life.


I am learning a lot about living, letting go, and figuring it all out.