Whenever I paint girls, they’ve always been self-portraits in some way. But these new girls seem to have a much deeper story. One that i’m not even aware of until I finish the painting.

I love it when the paint and character emerge from the canvas into a story my heart needs to share.

But I’ve only been able to share it by really letting go and not thinking too much, which is sometimes so difficult to do.

This girl took a lot of false starts.

I covered her up so many times, that I ended up putting book pages and tissue paper down over her face, which normally I don’t like to do because I’ve disliked the lines and creases that often show through.

But adding that layer of papers gave me definition for this girl’s head and face. And from there, this painting started to fall into place.

And for awhile, she sat in darkness with only the moon as her guide.

Listen to the Stars by Juliette Crane. Original (SOLD).
Prints available here: http://juliettecrane.com

But I couldn’t leave her trapped in darkness. I had to be bold, cover up a few areas I loved and lighten her up with some of my favorite cobalt teal acrylic.

Finally I started enjoying the painting again. And then she got her story…

From a far away land, this woman comes into everyone’s life, just when they need it most, urging them to stay calm and LISTEN TO THE STARS.

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