Lately I’ve been thinking  a lot about TRUST.

About the process of surrendering to the unexpected,

Leaning into the possibility that even when you think you’re in control,

Even when your intentions are clearer than ever before,

Even when you’ve been working hard laying foundations,

Setting things in motion, envisioning your dreams……..

Even then……….especially then……’s important to realise that

A HUGE part of the unfolding adventure lies in our ability

To Surrender to the possibility that the Universe has its own version

Of where we are heading…..

and there is so much to learn

In opening ourselves up to embrace and enjoy the ride.


Having just spent the last few weeks on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand I fell in love with the gentle nature of the Thai people who seem to live their lives in a state of perpetual trust and a quiet knowing that gratitude and grace go hand in hand.  For my part, now home and reflecting on all of the wonder of a fully sponsored trip for the whole family, my first international exhibition and a chance to hang out with some beautiful people and enjoy a totally new culture….well I feel like I’ve bought some of that gratitude and grace back into my own life….

Grateful for my friend Michelle who organised the whole trip and then made sure we had an amazing time while we were there!

Grateful for the many reminders to stop taking things so seriously and enjoy the silly moments too…

Grateful to have had the opportunity to just chill out..even the animals get it over there!

Grateful for the chance to leave a little of my art behind and for willing helpers when time was running out !

Grateful for the magic of coconuts especially with a little rum added!

Grateful for the beauty all around me…..

Grateful for every sunset and sunrise…

And all things that made us scratch our head and giggle…

Grateful to remember to put one foot in front of the other and breathe…

Grateful for giggling girls

For amazing artists and new friends

Who gave smiles and warmth of spirit freely

Grateful for the opportunity to relax with my family

Connect with beautiful creatures

And enjoy new adventures!

Would love to know your thoughts on leaning into TRUST and hear about the things you are grateful for today …..until next month!

Love and hugs

Tracy xo

Ps I’ll be blogging more of our Koh Samui adventures at so come on over and say hello J