In today’s modern world, we’re faced with immense pressure.

In response to the age of increasing information & technological advances, we often wonder where time goes and how to keep up with the demands of life. Often living in a reality that is not the present moment. There is a general feeling of being stuck and unsure about how to move forward. There are glimpses of pleasure and of happiness, but some how not ever lasting. Everywhere people are spending huge amounts of time (and often money) unhappy and unfulfilled, seeking for something that brings relief, usually the form of unhealthy habits. People are waking up to more possibilities, more sustainable ways to create the desired change that some how connects with the truth of who they are.

Kundalini Yoga as given by the Master, Yogi Bhajan, is a very sacred science and technology that is ancient. Yet is particularly suited for the evolutionary changes that we find ourselves in. It is hugely elevating and creates shifts in energy that allow us to feel, healthy and happy.

Yogi Bhajan, Master PH.D in the psychology of communication, passed on these teachings for over 35 years before his death in 2004 at age 75. He came to the USA in the late 60’s to show the youth culture that time that there was a healthier, more sustainable way to feel ‘high’ and then proceeded to set up 3HO (happy, healthy, holy organization) his compassion and divine wisdom is such an example for us all today.

Kundalini yoga, the powerful system that works on the Kundalini energy that is within all of us. It is designed to safely shift the energy up the spine, moving through the nadi’s (energy channels) and opening up the chakras to expand self awareness, to connect to a deeper sense of self, (who am i?) a strengthened nervous system (which we need in these times, to handle the pressure) a balanced glandular system for vitality and stability as well as strength, flexibility and stamina for life!

My students say they have noticed many benefits including an increase in energy, defined muscle tone, a sense of ‘true’ personal power, a calm and open mind. In life, developed the courage to make changes, stay focused, created deeper relationships, and the connection to something larger, in general a feeling of health and happiness.

For me, my entire life changed and opened up. I moved a way from the crazy and chaotic choices that would end up sending me to an early grave to one which is much more devotional and heart centred. Its a continual unfolding. I continue to learn. To act more consciously by making different choices that allow me to to change and grow in a way that serves the bigger picture.

Kundalini yoga works a lot with the breath, paying attention to the breath, keeps us in the moment and combined with postures helps to melt the blockages that hold us back from health and vitality, and moving forward. Relaxation is a very important part of the practice as this allows the body to assimilate the changes that are occurring within the energy.

A regular practice will create transformation on many levels and will assist in the process of getting in touch with the true nature; to discover what is necessary for a life of fulfillment. Like all yoga it assists in slowing the aging process – which is measured by the flexibility of the spine. Consequently assisting with any health issues.

Most importantly preparing the body and mind for the reality in which we face.

The reality of our times.