Joy Jam

Welcome dear heART……

Would you like to make a difference and spread some joy? Feel that lovely positive lift at the end of every week? AND connect with other positive souls? Then come and “Joy Jam” with us every Friday. Launched on 11-11-11, the “Joy Jam” is posted every Friday by Louise on “your heART makes a difference”

We will come together every Friday to celebrate life. What’s been great about our week, what went well, the small wonders of living in a moment, something we accomplished or simply something or someone that made us smile.

JOY: [the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation]
JAM: [pack together tightly], JAMMING SESSION [a meeting of a group of creative souls (usually musicians), to play.]

Please note: We no longer post Joy Jams on the site.

Share your joy

Every Friday, Louise will post her list from the week and invite you share your own list, either in the comments or the weekly joy jam blog hop {A great way to connect with others}. We would LOVE to see photos, a poem, video, a podcast, a song, the written word or a simple list.

Spread the love and help make a difference

Imagine 1000′s of people putting out that good positive energy all on the same day, sending a heart energy vibration out into the world? Imagine radiating all that positive energy around you, your friends, family, co-workers and passers by on the street. Not only will it give you permission to celebrate everything that is good in your life for that particular week, you will be making a difference by “Jamming” with your heART community, combining our collective joy to send good vibrations out into the world over the weekend.

Gather kindreds

Feel free to add a little blog badge {below} to show you are spreading some joy and invite others to join in. Please link back to this page {}.