Gratitude pages for my upcoming free workshop

Welcome to this weeks “Joy Jam“!

Oh my! Feels like this month has been a bit of whirlwind! After thinking everything was settling after the Hurricane, I had 2 weeks of technical challenges on my websites and computer…it really felt like I was going to have to start again with this site and also my own I really took some time thinking about what it would mean to ‘start again’. I am pleased to say all is okay, websites back and up and running and time to get back into celebrating some joy!

Here are 3 joys from my week and I’d love to hear yours.

1} Sorting out all my technical challenges, being thankful and announcing the free workshop I cam running

2} Running a Thanksgiving eve Quiz for over 70 people

3} Spending Thanksgiving with my best friend, dreaming about what 2013 is going to bring!

Join us to radiate the energy of gratitude, bliss filled moments and celebration of everything that gave us joy this week. Together we will help send positive energy out into the world.

What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?

Perhaps it was something you accomplished, a good piece of news, a kind gesture, something or someone that made you smile.

Feel free to pop your list into the comments below or add your blog post to the blog hop links.