Welcome to this weeks “Joy Jam“!

This week has felt like its been an abundance of artshows! I had my opening att he hobart gallery and now have two other art shows booked for July – one at the library and one in the Brennan gallery in Jersey City! I feel full of joy to have 3 artshows all in one month.

Here are 3 joys from my week and I’d love to hear yours.

1} Having lots of fun at my art opening. More photos here.

2} Designing a new brand {coming later in July} for my design work and website

3} Clearing our my wardrobes resulting in 2 bags for the consignment shop and 3 bags for charity pick up!

Join us to radiate the energy of gratitude, bliss filled moments and celebration of everything that gave us joy this week. Together we will help send positive energy out into the world.

What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?

Perhaps it was something you accomplished, a good piece of news, a kind gesture, something or someone that made you smile.

Feel free to pop your list into the comments below or add your blog post to the blog hop links.