Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo  is an internationally recognised Australian mixed- media artist, teacher, singer and writer. She is passionate about helping others to find their “happy place” , discover their own innate creative spirit and find their personal “bliss”.

1) What does living from the heart mean to you?
When I think about living from the heart I immediately think of being wide open; open to accepting myself and others with love and non judgment, open to receive all the gifts the Universe has to offer and open to pass the same loving intention on to everyone I come in contact with ( and those I haven’t) J This is of course is  a work in progress for me as it is for most of us and living from the heart also means being ok with the fact that everything isn’t perfect and THAT is in itself part of the perfect plan.

2) Describe how you feel when you are completely in your creative zone?
Wow! It makes me feel so good even to THINK about being in my creative zone and I think that’s actually the key! When you feel good you are automatically in the zone…you know those little moments when you just stop and breathe and really notice what is inspiring you; the smile on a child’s face, the first Spring bud in your garden or a butterfly flitting around you.

Little bursts of magic get you right in the zone like the day we were walking along the beach talking about the squiggle designs in the sand and wondering if the clams making them had some kind of language we humans just couldn’t understand? Two steps later our daughter Sienna came to an abrupt stop with a huge grin on her face. Looking down we were so buzzed to see a clam had clearly made the marks I C U in the sand! Another day Sienna threw a piece of watermelon onto our back lawn and when we came back several hours later the ants had eaten it into a perfect heart shape! These are the moments I hold in my heart when I’m in my studio and just thinking about them can usually shake me out of a funk and into my creative zone!

“Love Lives Here” by Tracy

3) What are some of your morning rituals to help set you up for the day ahead?
I have a confession to make! I’m not so good at rituals, in fact consistency is something I really struggle with. I’d like to say that my perfect morning would consist of fresh juice or a smoothie, a meditative walk on the beach, a tidy up of my studio and a walk around the garden with a cup of coffee before I get started painting. That is what I aspire too! Truth is right now I still work 4 days a week in Special Ed at my local high school and the whole family is usually rushing to get out the door by 8am although we have been managing the healthy breakfast thing most days!

On the days I am at home there is usually so much to catch up on but I do try to fit in that walk on the beach a couple of times a week and I do like to clean my studio from whatever hurricane has passed through it (usually 14 kids for Tuesday afternoon art class!) before I start to work. The one ritual we have as a family is not a morning one but a dinner one when we all take the time to give a personal moment of thanks for two things each that we are grateful for that day.

4) What or who is your biggest inspiration?
There is no way I can narrow down my inspiration sources to one person or thing! I see it and feel it everywhere!! My girls inspire me every day especially now as I watch them growing into amazing young women! My husband Marco is my rock and keeps me grounded with his love and unending support.  Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Oprah, Eckhardt Tolle have been my teachers and inspiration for many years; the old couple in matching sweats holding hands down the street, our cats spread eagled and fully relaxed bathing in the sunshine…I could go on and on…..

5) What will be your area of focus for your posts on “Your heART makes a difference”?
What I’d really like to focus on as we begin exploring on this beautiful site is the subject of happiness. I’d really love to help you find your bliss and bring more of it into your lives. I’ve spent years studying other cultures around the world and pondering the meaning of Happiness and what it is to live a life of purpose and passion and now I’m here right on the cusp of living my biggest dream of travelling, painting, teaching, inspiring and being inspired. I’d love to take you with me on this journey and help you find your own bliss along the way!

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