Liv Lane

Liv Lane uses her creative superpowers to illuminate and celebrate the gifts within us and around us. She adores helping women and teens discover their passions and purpose through her work as an artist, blogger, speaker and mentor.

1. What does living from the heart mean to you?

I think living from the heart takes such courage in this culture; we have to be willing to show up to the masquerade ball without a costume. It’s easy to get wrapped up in what we’re supposed to wear and how we’re supposed to act and how much we’re supposed to make. I’ve been there and, eventually, I realized the person I had become was a total stranger to the person I was meant to be. Following the crowd can feel incredibly lonely. But when you’re living from the heart, you do stuff for the joy of it – not because someone tells you to do it. You settle into loving relationships. You feel connected to your intuition. You feel energized, purposeful and grateful for it all.

2. Please share some of your favorite morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely creative day ahead.

Honestly, my morning routine usually consists of getting my boys {and me} out the door – making breakfast, checking backpacks, rushing around. Truth is, I’m not a morning person. I do much of my most creative work late at night, so I’m often dragging in the morning. Guess that would make my most favorite morning routine drinking coffee! ☺ Once I get going, though, I’m quite intentional about my day. For instance, before any meeting, I take a moment to set my intention – even if I’m sitting out in the parking lot right beforehand. I close my eyes, bless the people I’ll be spending time with, and envision finishing the meeting feeling a specific way – productive, inspired, excited, etc. I know that I can’t always control how a discussion or project goes, but I can choose to expect the best and look for glimmers of goodness in each situation.

3. What will be your area of focus for your posts on “your heART makes a difference”?
I’m excited to shine a light on all the beauty around you and within you, in hopes it inspires new ways of seeing and being.

4. In what ways does this subject really help make a difference to our lives?

I know it sounds too good to be true, but I really believe that making a habit of appreciating the beauty in every day is incredibly healing and transformative. In 2006, it provided the momentum I needed to break free from the chains of deep depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I learned to look at the world through new eyes, which changed me in so many wonderful ways: I live more consciously, compassionately, and creatively and I know the same is possible for anyone who longs for that!

5. What or who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh, wow. Tough to choose, but I feel the need to give Oprah some big love here. The way she has leveraged her passion for media to open hearts and minds really inspired me, even as a girl who watched her earliest shows, to do the same in my life. And now, she’s bravely swimming against the current with her fledgling cable network to encourage and empower as many people as she can to dig deep and live on purpose. Her heart has made a difference in my life and in countless others’ lives.

Thank you Liv. Please join me in welcoming Liv as one of our heART contributors

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