Kelly Barton

i am a girl who believes in the everyday simple. i love sharing empowering stories through each girl i paint. stories that we each tuck away in the layers of our days, sometimes just needing a little reminder that it is okay to come out and play. i am kelly barton. mixed media artist, designer. i own a laugh that sounds like betty rubble and  a love for the word d.a.n.g. a girl filled to the brim with color. the girl next door.

1) What does living from the heart mean to you?

waking up each day and taking the steps to live the life that truly fulfills me. now just saying that doesn’t mean that i do that everyday – it is all a process. creating better habits, reminding myself that i am where i need to be and making the time on the schedule to create as much as possible.

2) Please share some of your favorite morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely creative day ahead.

coffee – i go to bed excited about having a cup of joe (or two) in the am! walking my shadow, delilahblue (although somedays i don’t) and mulling over friends blogposts and adding to my pinterest boards. one day – when i grow up and live a more organized life i will be on the mat, using yoga and meditation to start my day! right now – pinterest keeps me pretty grounded!

3) What will be your area of focus for your posts on “your heART makes a difference”?

i have a series i call “when i think about it” most will focus on that and maybe occasionally some colorful art along side a happy quote – just to get your day started.

4) In what ways does this subject really help make a difference to our lives?

when we take a little time to slow our mind and life down and ponder simple daily things – that many days gets ran over by life. it allows us to open up that space. and quotes always adds to the day this is never an easy thing to do – but i love to make little list of what is bugging me, what i am loving and who is inspiring me. so “when i think about it” my mood shifts, i have a couple of “a-ha” moments and can move on to what needs to be worked on next.

5) What or who is your biggest inspiration?

if i say “who” then i will run out of room here. so i will say my biggest inspiration has to be this amazing community of creative souls that i have been circled by. whether they are artists, writers, poets, musicians or coaches – their paths and stories have filled me up. sending me off with little nudges, for my own day. i just love that.

Thank you Kelly. Please join me in welcoming Kelly as one of our heART contributors

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