Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane is a painter of whimsical owls and other art from the heart. She is the creator of a series of online courses that encourage thousands around the world to get creative and live their dreams. When she’s not teaching, traveling, and painting in gardens around the world, she lives with her bluegrass-singing husband in Madison, Wisconsin.

1) What does living from the heart mean to you?

Living from the heart means that I wake up each day and set my intentions for both myself and everyone else in the world. Then to begin my day, I sip green tea and journal, followed by yoga and meditation. These things help me get and stay grounded and connect me to my heart, giving me a renewed space to move forward from and make decisions each day. I find that when I am feeling my best, then I can best use my energy to help others. And that, to me, is living from the heart.

Take flight Juliette Crane

“Take Flight” By Juliette

2) Please share some of your favorite morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely creative day ahead.

In addition to sipping tea, journaling, and practicing yoga and meditation, I also get in my studio each day. If I’m creatively stuck, I usually clean up a bit, especially if everything is scattered and messy from the day before. If that still doesn’t work, I get out my art journal and remind myself to just play with art supplies and have fun. I doodle, go for nature walks, sit in the sun and take photos. All of these things help rekindle my creative spirit and set things up for a beautiful day.

3) What will be your area of focus for your posts on “your heART makes a difference”?

I’ve found that I can best share my heart when I paint what I feel to heal. Those paintings inevitably reveal stories in each layer and through the evolution of each whimsical character. I will be sharing my artwork and the heart-centered stories that go along with each painting with the hope that others will gain a little more beauty and inspiration in their every day.

She Stands out - Juliette Crane

“She Stands Out” By Juliette

4) In what ways does this subject really help make a difference to our lives?

One of the reasons I take photos of things that inspire me is because it helps me to slow down and remain inspired by the little things. These daily inspirations and reflections get transferred into my paintings and their stories, which remind me that life is vast and expansiveness, yet intricately connected. This perspective gives me a space to move from each day with positivity and wonder, and I believe that staying present with even the smallest inspirations each day, helps make a difference in our quality of life both individually and as a world connected.

5) What or who is your biggest inspiration?

I am inspired by everything around me, every day. As often as possible, I try new things, talk with random people and travel. This helps me see from other points of view, which gets transferred into new elements and ideas in my paintings. I also go out on photo walks and take pictures of things up close. This helps me remain on the lookout for beauty in everything.

The journey - Juliette Crane

“The Journey” by Juliette

Thank you Juliette. Please join me in welcoming Juliette as one of our heART contributors

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