Devi Kirin Kaur

Devi Kirin Kaur lives in intentional community, that became manifest through creative visualization, enjoys on 8 acres of land, teaching and often eating raw chocolate, embracing all of life! Devi Kirin Has a regular practice of raising consciousness. She feels deeply moved and inspired to serve others. Self-realization. Openness and Truth. These are her passions that she continually discovers, unravels through art and yoga.

1)  what does living from the heart mean to you
Living from the heart is a truly authentic and compassionate way to connect to each other and all aspects of this lovely earth we inhabit. However, it’s not always possible in every moment because, as humans at this time in our evolution we are still living in, and operating from the lower three chakras and more focused on survival, security and personal power.

We project (often unconsciously)  from the mind and within that construct judgements and fears prevent  us from being truly open to give and receive from the heart. It’s about making the extension  outwards from our heart in relation to how much healing is required, it’s also a willingness to be truthful and acknowledge the blocks.

Moving into, and acting from the heart space more regularly requires a dedicated practice of raising awareness or consciousness. And this is possible! YAY!! And what’s wonderful is the choice to simply to begin by opening the heart chakra with small acts of kindness, with generosity, empathy, understanding, non judgement and putting other peoples needs first, as well as, including ourself in acts of self love.

Its trusting that; to be open, to share, to  create community and to connect is a beautiful way to be in the world. One of the biggest ways is with Karma yoga (seva) or selfless service. Getting beyond the limitations of the self and connecting to that which is larger.

The heart Centre is the gateway, or the bridge between the lower and higher realms. From earth to the more subtle. So when the desire is there to add more power to the heart chakra and move to the higher, more subtle dimensions related to the higher chakras there is a way to assist through the  practice of meditation, contemplation, mantra,self inquiry, yoga and other practices that connect mind and heart. Body and soul and to that which is absolute consciousness.

Artwork by Devi


2)  Please share some of your favorite morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely day ahead.
There are always variations to this.  My favorite way to begin the morning is to wake up with a cold shower known as ‘Ishnaan’ this is hydrotherapy at its best. (much nicer tho, in a running river) with an almond oil self massage. Together this creates youthfulness and health, flushes the organs, opens the capillaries and more.

Then I choose to tune into some or all aspects of  Kundalini yoga.  Afterwards there is space to create intentions or affirmations for the day it’s a conscious choice I like as well as what I am feeling grateful for that moment. My ‘brekkie’ preference is  something yummy that is loaded with nutrition like a super food smoothie with various additions such as  hemp seeds, macca, suma, raw cacao, morning ‘jing’ (for the kidneys)

3)  What will be your area of focus for your posts on “Your heART makes a difference”?
I will joyfully share the wonderful technology of Kundalini yoga. So, at times this will include a posture to open the heart centre. Because Kundalini Yoga has many aspects I will also include these, such as sweet little meditations, or a particular breath to create a particular feeling, that will in turn connect us to our true self.

Yogi Bhajan

4) How can this subject really help make a difference to our lives?
We are at a very crucial transition at this time. We are about to enter the age of Aquarius, arriving at the end of a 26,000 year astrological cycle, according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan the Master of KY. The date will in fact be on 11.11.11.

It is mostly known as ‘2012’. So, in brief this means that personally and globally we are facing many transitions as the new light frequency and higher vibration enters.  There seem to be surfacing issues as old ways begin to break down.  And already we can see this all around us. As we make the shift, stress levels are higher, the pace is faster, and generally people are disconnected from each other and from themselves so then  seek energy from the outside.

And so to breath deeper, to slow down. to go within, to connect to the HEART, the  body and breath is a real blessing. Then from that true connection, that open space, extending outward is so  powerful. This is a sustainable method. And most suited for the times.

5) What or who is your biggest inspiration?

I have many, those who walked the path before me and beside me.  Those who lived compassionately and courageously and took action to create positive change. Just a few- Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini yoga, Julia Butterfly Hill, Ellen Degeneres, Ghandi, Paramhansa Yogananda, Mooji. And not forgetting the gift that each moment offers.

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Thank you Devi. Please join me in welcoming Devi as one of our heART contributors