Cathy Kirwan

Cathy Kirwan {tinniegirl} is an artist, writer, dreamer and ideas woman.  She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Louise and two fur children, Holden and Willow, the great loves of her life.  Cathy is passionate about living with courage, integrity and authenticity .  She makes time every day for simple pleasures and her true loves – family, bike riding, drinking coffee, taking photos, writing and art.  If she could fulfill one wish it would be to have more time for all those things.

1) What does living from the heart mean to you?
Living from the heart is wearing my heart on my sleeve, being open to all things and believing in possibility.  Sometimes I’m even really good at it!

2) What are some of your morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely creative day?
Getting up early so I don’t have to rush is my most important morning ritual.  I like to have plenty of time between getting up and when I need to leave the house.  I also like to have quiet around me so I don’t put on tv or any music.  It’s a time to be alone with my thoughts.  The first thing I do every day is make myself a cup of coffee, and usually breakfast as well.  Then I spend some time in the studio.  Most days I write and stare out the window.  Holden {one of my cats} usually keeps me company and together we watch the world come to life.  If I don’t do writing I might do some painting or take some photos.  As I’m currently working full time I really like to have a strong reminder at the start of my day about where my heart is, which is in my studio working on my creative projects.

“Where dreams grow”

3) What will be your area of focus for your posts on “Your heART makes a difference”?
I’ll be sharing and writing about {messages from the universe}.  Some time ago now I started to take notice and photos of signs, graffiti and other random words that I came across out and about in the world.  I called them {messages from the universe} because often I felt like these things were speaking directly to me, reminding me of something I needed to remember, giving me hope, sometimes just making me laugh.  I started a Flickr group and invited others to contribute their {messages from the universe} as well.

 I’ll be sharing some of my finds and others from the group, reflecting on their meaning and talking about the significance of noticing.  Everyone will be most welcome to join the Flickr group and start sharing their finds too.

That’s where I’ll start and we’ll see what evolves from there.

4) What is it about this subject that can make a difference?
I think it’s the noticing that really makes a difference.  When you open yours eyes and heart to the world around you it is full of affirmations, surprises, insights and delights.  Once you tune in and notice all the world has to offer it will help you tune in to your own inner messages and callings as well.

5) What are some of your favorite self-care routines?
I love to take long hot baths, read magazines, buy myself fresh flowers and take myself out for a meal.  Those are my absolute favourite ways to nurture and care for myself.  I also love to cook and I’ve started getting really into cycling and running, which are cool new self-care routines that I’ve only recently discovered.

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Thank you Cathy. Please join me in welcoming Cathy as one of our heART contributors