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I work full time managing an engineering company and love the challenges and variety that my job brings. I stumbled into engineering accidently 25 years ago and have loved it ever since. My dad was an engineer and the smells from the machine shop bring back memories of my childhood.

I have been married to John for 34 years and we’re still going strong. We are blessed with two great children, two grandchildren and another one due in September. I love spending time with my family and hope that as my grandchildren grow, I can encourage them to find crafts that they enjoy.

Dancing makes me happy and also do Pilates to improve my posture and keep me moving as time marches on. I do not watch a lot of TV but enjoy the cinema. I’m an avid reader and enjoy a wide variety of genres but I’m not a fan of sci-fi, horror or fantasy. I am glad that I passed my love of books to my children and now my grandchildren are being taught the pleasure that can be had from a book. I am working on a little project to make a book for my grandchildren based on the things that make them happy.

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1. What was the inspiration behind the postcards you created for the “heART exchange”?

I tried to create 3 different postcards and for 2 of them my inspiration was some lovely handmade paper I had received. I loved the fact that someone had crafted the paper and I could embellish it and pass it on to someone else with a little added love. My third card was inspired by some butterflies that had been in my crafting box for a while and needed to be set free. Butterflies with their lovely fluttering wings are perfect to carry love across the miles.

2. What other creative activities do you love to take part in on a regular basis?

I have always liked to make things and tried lots of different crafts. Working full time and being a busy grandmother doesn’t leave much time. In the last couple of years, I have returned to my love of writing letters and this has led to me making cards which I really enjoy. Sometimes I look online for ideas but mostly I try to be inspired by the things I love such as the beach and elephants. I also like to knit and sew but stick to small projects these days.

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3. What do you think is the most satisfying part of creating what you create?

For me creating something that the recipient will love is the best part. Knowing that they will smile and even if only for a short while you have brightened someones day. I like the fact that it slows my world down and I can think about the person I am connecting with.

4. If you could create anything everyday, what would it be?

If I could create something everyday, it would be words to encourage and inspire others and to make the world a happier place.

5. What do you think it is about creating something that can make a difference in someones life?

Whenever I am creating, whether it is making a card, writing a letter or knitting, I forget all the little niggles going on in my life and relax. I think that busy lives and our electronic world can make us all a little hectic and it is good to slow down sometimes.

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