HeArt Exchange 2

Rachel recently took part in our heART exchange, so I took the opportunity to ask a few questions for this months theme. Hope you enjoy, Love Louise xx


Please tell us a little about yourself

I am Rachel Ellen Andrews, artist and teacher.  I paint intuitively and let the painting unfold into its own space.  I have worked with the Goddess energy for a long time, on and off since the 1980’s, and I’m really loving that energy coming into my work again.  Right now I’m working on a series of brightly coloured paintings about spring flowers; the process starts with layers of colour; the organic shapes emerging.  I like to leave some of the layers peeking through; life is multi-layered and so are we.

I run workshops for women who would also like to feel the same joy that I feel when I am creating.  I believe that when you step into your creativity you step into your most authentic self and I want to help women to discover their own creativity and make their own joyful connection.  My first ecourse is in the planning stages – so watch out for that coming soon!!

Rachel Ellen Andrews

What was the inspiration behind the postcards you created for the “heART exchange”?

I used hand painted papers to create simple collages in bright, uplifting colours.  Like Louise, I really believe in the healing power and energy of colour.  I chose warm joyous oranges and heart centred reds and pinks/greens to send to my swap partners.  So my main inspiration is colour, but also the texture of the paper and layers of collage lifting the little heArt motifs off the postcard.

What other creative activities do you love to take part in on a regular basis?

My main creative activity is painting but I also love to collage, art journal and create my own painted papers for these two activities.  I also make mandalas – sometimes these are drawn, sometimes painted – for me mandalas are meditation through creative process.  Sometimes, just 10 minutes sketching or doodling a mandala is all that’s possible, but that 10 minutes can be enough to make that creative contact with my self.

What do you think is the most satisfying part of creating what you create?

The act of creating puts me in the ‘now’.  When I’m creating I am connected to Source and that’s where I find my joy.

HeArt Exchange 3

If you could create anything every day, what would it be?

I would paint every day!  (I do try to some painting every day.)

What do you think it is about creating something that can make a difference in someone’s life?

I had a lot of ‘dry’ years when I didn’t allow my creative self any time.  I trained in Fine Art a long time ago but life events put a hold on my creativity until just three years ago.  Since then making time to be creative every day has made such a difference to my life and how I feel.  Now I can’t imagine not being creative and allowing my creative self to be.  I know that making art can be healing and the creative process can open up that channel to Source/Spirit/God/Goddess/Universe (whatever you want to call the universal energy that supports us). I would love everyone to make some time to be creative every day!


IMG_5244Art is my connection to Source and my paintings are about joy; the joy I feel when I make my connection to Source and the celebration of that joy.  I love to work with bright colours, they make me feel happy and hope that they make the viewer feel happy too.  My motto is ‘Create Art – Create Happiness’!!