My name is Maria del Valle. I was born in Madrid (Spain) and studied Pharmacy. When I got my PhD in Molecular Biology of cancer I moved to New York City to work at NYU. After 6 years of enjoying that amazing city where I met great people, I moved to Gainesville, Florida. Currently working at UF and enjoying the good weather and a complete different way of understanding life. I am very creative, since I was young always painting or looking for new creative activities. I love LouiseĀ“s workshops because they are easy to follow anytime, anywhere.


1. What was the inspiration behind the postcards you created for the “heART exchange”?

The idea of giving a word to somebody, kindness to one person as a representation of all of us. I was very lucky to be part of this beautiful idea. No matters to whom or where and we keep forgetting that. Kindness should be a way of life.

2. What other creative activities do you love to take part in on a regular basis? I paint pottery in a school close to my house and create music pieces.

3. What do you think is the most satisfying part of creating what you create? the time I allow myself to come out of my daily rushed life. The minute I am recovering my inner self and put it out there. It helps me not to forget who I really am.


4. If you could create anything everyday, what would it be?

I am lucky to say that in a way I create every day. Science is creating questions and answers and make it happen in the lab. However I miss painting more.

5. What do you think it is about creating something that can make a difference in someones life?

When you create something, you are exposing yourself; you are capturing something that is inside you to reflect it and show it to others. You can say or show many messages with your creation that way.